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Friday, May 28, 2010

Just Because of Bread

Give me some rest in making post related to American Idol, Kpop culture and Philippine politics. I want to be more personal this time. I want to be a story teller hmmm; wait let me add up another word on that, I mean I want to be an effective story teller. Anytime you’re ready just do some little scroll down this page.
Have you experienced to be “defriended” in facebook or be “unfollowed” in twitter? If so what do you think was the reason? Have you done something objectionable? I haven’t suffered from any of those listed above. I was just hated by someone who was very close to me before and the reason was just a damn bread.
One morning, I was sitting on my unit when my co-worker sent some chat via gmail, and if I am not mistaken these were the exact words from her,
Co-worker: hi jeffy goodmorning, nakuha mo ung bread?
Me: Yes “co-worker” thanks
Then suddenly this “someone who was very close to me before” came close to where I am sitting. Then said  “Uy banga kita kaiyan na duwa ha”
I was on the right mood to make some jokes that time and here’s my line
Me: “habo ko daw sakuya man lang ini tigwalat ni co-worker, dai man baga ki nakalaag na pangaran mo dian oh, pangaran ko man lang baga”
Someone who was very close to me before: “Oh cge di dai!!!”
As I was saying the things I have said was just jokes and nothing but pure jokes.
Way back when both of us were still ok, I always share my food with him. I mean I am not selfish when it comes to food. “ Sa tingin nyo kung katakawan yun, binigyan ko kaya sya nang mga pagkain na meron ako noon?” “Wala akong pagkain na hindi ko i-shinare sa kanya”.
Lesson learned: Wag Ipagkait ang Tinapay
The lesson may sound funny but it’s really happening and I’m a living proof to that.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fall in Love with DIDI in her Hey Jude Performance

Hey Jude-Didi Benami
I just can’t help but to love this song. This was perfomed by Didi Benami during her Audition in Los Angeles. I must say that her version is better than that of American Idol winner Lee Dewyze, honestly. You can feel the sadness in her heart upon losing her best friend. Though she wasn’t able to reach the finals I still idolize and salute this brunette. I love you Didi. 

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lee Dewyze is the Newest American Idol

It’s confirmed!!!  Lee Dewyze is Season 9,s American Idol.  He was declared American Idol after edging out front runner and early favorite Crystal Bowersox of Elliston, Ohio. The end of the competition marked a new beginning for Lee’s singing career not only that, it was also the signal for Simon Cowell’s goodbye from being one of the competition’s judges. 
Lee’s name is one of Yahoo’s top searches for the day but it seems that Mamasox edge him out this time.The American singer-songwiter and paint salesman from Mount Prospect Illinois is just a spot below his rival Crystal Bowersox.

Before entering the top American reality search, Lee already released his own Album in the year 2007 with a particular Wuli Records.  You can check on his records here 

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Alexander Lee Eusebio of U-Kiss is not a Filipino.

I’m always checking my blog and I am so overwhelmed upon learning that I have received a lot of visits from all around the globe. I am so happy that there are a lot of people who appreciates my blog, I met new friends and received some comments which means that my blogging is somewhat to be considered effective.
When I checked the most visited page I’ve found out that my post with regards to Alexander Lee Eusebio got the highest number of visits, because of that I decided to make another post for Alex.
Eusebio is a Filipino-sounding last name but he’s father is not a Filipino citizen nor he has some Filipino blood, it’s just that he’s father was born in Macau acquiring the Portugese last name Eusebio.  Take note that in my previous post I‘ve mentioned that his father is a sort of Portugese-Chinese and his mother is a pure blooded Korean.
Going back 2 or 3 months the Korean boy band U-Kiss visited the Philippines and the group actually performed in GMA 7’s Party Pilipinas and Master Showman. I don’t think what DJ Mo twister have in mind during those times wherein he tweeted in his tweeter account this phrases “"these kpop guys dont look gay. they look like lesbians...i'm sorry all you kpop fans but you cant tell me that's a heterosexual man. you just cant." Well hmmm actually I don’t know what to say but to the U-Kiss fans these words are not good to their ears that they requested for some public apology from the host. Well anyway let’s forget about that damn thing. I have posted the best photos of Alexander Lee Eusebio for you to download. Enjoy!!!

Philippine Elections 2010: The Results (90%)

For an updated election results please visit bomboradyo.com

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gibo: The Best President We Never Had

Gibo will never do what Jamby, Nic Perlas, and Jc De los Reyes did; he will never say “nadaya ako”. He’s an intelligent man; he will not question the results of the first ever Philippine Automated Elections, I know him.  He’s the type of person who knows how to accept defeat and that’s the reason why he conceded over Noynoy.
My vote, the vote coming from family and friends are not wasted; going for Gibo was not a waste of vote. We are happy that in the history of Philippine elections, a righteous candidate fought with so much integrity. Mr. Gibo, you’re the man. We made our vote an informed one.
Honestly speaking Gibo is the president we never had and I must agree with one former, I just forgot her name, she said “We missed the flight but he gave us hope”, natalo man sya but he really gave us hope, a hope that this dying country will have a such leader. The game isn’t over for him. A lot of people are now calling him to run for the senate this coming 2013 mid-elections, and I must say that he should accept it. The country is challenging him, a challenge to continue his visions.
I wish to see him in the senate by 2013 and in the Malacañang  Palace by 2016. He is the one that this country needs. Sulong Gibo.

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Maria Venus Raj is successful in obtaining her Filipino Passport

Bb. Pilipinas Venus Raj, certified Pinay - DFA
Tiyak na ang pagiging kinatawan ng bansa ni Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Maria Venus Raj sa gaganaping 2010 Miss Universe pageant.Ito'y matapos na abot-kamay na umano ng kontrobersyal na beauty queen ang kanyang korona at titulo na binawi sa kanya dahil sa sinasabing inconsistencies sa kanyang birth certificate.
Napatunayan ng Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) na isang Filipino ang Bicolana beauty queen.Ito ang lumabas sa evaluation na isinagawa ng binuong panel ng DFA kasunod ng kontrobersyal na pagbawi sa korona ni Raj na muntik nang mauwi sa kasuhan.

Dahil dito nagdesisyon ang ahensya na bibigyan ng electronic passport si Venus.Napag-alaman na ang valid Philippine passport ang hinihingi ng Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated mula kay Raj upang ibalik sa kanya ang titulo.Una nga rito ay nagsimula na ng kanyang training si Raj kahit hindi pa siya nare-instate bilang 2010 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe.Kagabi ay nilinaw din ng beauty queen na naayos na ang anumang sigalot sa pagitan nila ng Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated.

I’ve heard that she is heading to the United States for the competition, I just wish her the best of luck, I will pray for her win. Good luck Venus. Make us Bicolanos proud once again, make the Philippines proud.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Philippine Elections 2010: The Results

Here's the latest election results courtesy of Bomboradyo.com

Monday, May 10, 2010

Philippine Elections 2010: The Results

For more updates please visit bomboradyo.com
To all Gibo voters thanks for making your vote an informed one.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Para Tapusin ang Kahirapan Hindi lang Dapat Laban nang Laban, Dapat may Nakahandang Plano

I’ve edited a photo including Gibo’s Name at the bottom. I just want to share it, Never mind the face just read the message. LOL

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Choice

by Rafael Alunan III

The presidential candidate I will vote for:
•articulates a vision, a sense of mission and a sensible action agenda;
•has a good grasp of complex issues, and explains them simply and clearly;
•maintains equanimity despite the rigors of the campaign and the adversities of political battle;
•avoids personality politics; stays focused on the issues;
•avoids negative campaigning to give the voters the opportunity to understand his platform and how he intends to govern and serve;
•remains cool under fire, takes tough stands, makes hard decisions, sticks to his convictions especially in the most difficult circumstances;
•is a good listener and integrator of good ideas;
•is a proven negotiator and will be able to hold his own in the competitive arena of geopolitics and international relations;
•is genuinely presidential, a natural leader;
•is comfortable with outliers.

My choice for president respects institutions and works through the system. He is a reformer; dedicated public servant; circumspect politician; served in two branches of government; respects judicial processes; has demonstrated moral courage within his area of responsibility. He remains focused on serving higher interests, namely, national interests. He has a keen sense of nationhood that is crucial for anyone aspiring for the presidency.

My presidential candidate is an underdog even in his own party, stabbed in the front, back and sides by treacherous party mates and principals who have come to realize that he is his own man and cannot be controlled to do their bidding, meaning, protect them for their past wrongdoings once he's president. This should dispel presumptions or fears of coddling. They’ve called for his resignation and endorsed a rival party’s candidate. He is a non- traditional politician that prefers the high to the low road.

He has received basic, higher and postgraduate education from schools that I identify with; and comes from a decent family. His father, famously, could not be swayed to do the bidding of the dictator’s wife, and kept faith with the principle that public office is a public trust. That reflects strength of character based on strong ethics-based convictions.

I say this with a healthy respect for all the other candidates, black propaganda aside, some of who are well known to me. They too could or would be a breath of fresh air and sunlight in a room darkened and smelly from accumulated filth like, for example, Noynoy, Eddie, Nicky, Dick and possibly even a transformed Erap. Their past, fact or fiction, is not as important as to what they are today and what they could be tomorrow. However, the candidate of my choice after months of keen observation stands a head taller than the rest.

So, I have finally reached a decision. Win or lose, it will not be a wasted vote. Mine will be an informed vote on May 10. I choose Gilbert Teodoro for President.

'Noynoy kin, allies behind Pulse, SWS' | The Philippine Star News Headlines

 'Noynoy kin, allies behind Pulse, SWS' | The Philippine Star News Headlines

There you have it, the major reason why "AbNOY" is leading in the SWS Survey. Thank god I am not a big fan of SWS and will never be one. To those who are still undecided please consider Gibo or if not think again and still consider him. I will pray tomorrow that god will bless the minds and the hearts of those who made the right decision, the decision to choose the next righteous Philippine President. Let us think of our families in the near future, it’s time to uplift the political state of this country and renew the clean democracy where we have been known. God Bless the Philippines. God Bless GIBO.

Don’t let History repeat itself on Monday

Lakas Kampi sees 15-M gibo votes from three blocs

MANILA, May 7 — Administration-backed Lakas-Kampi coalition expects three blocs to deliver for its standard bearer ex-defense chief Gilberto 'Gibo' Teodoro votes from nearly a third of the country's estimated 50 million-strong electorate.

"Our computation shows he can potentially get about 15 million votes," said Lakas-Kampi acting chairperson and Occidental Mindoro province Lone District Rep. Ma. Amelita Villarosa.
She cited as sources of such votes pro-Teodoro blocs in Cebu province and northern Luzon.
"Our allies committed to deliver from these areas one million votes and eight million votes, respectively," she said.

Lakas-Kampi is also looking forward to getting votes from the Kingdom of Jesus Christ congregation particularly as its head Pastor Apollo Quiboloy already endorsed Teodoro's candidacy.
Teodoro's spokesperson Mike Toledo pointed out some six million people in the Philippines and abroad comprise this congregation.

Such shows extent of potential command votes Teodoro can get from this group, Toledo noted.
Presidential preference surveys of PulseAsia (PA) and Social Weather Stations (SWS) continue showing Teodoro trailing behind frontrunners Sen. Benigno "NoyNoy" Aquino III (Liberal Party), Sen. Manny Villar (Nacionalista Party) and ex-president Joseph Estrada (Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino) who's eyeing a Malacanang comeback this year.

Villarosa noted the blocs' support for Teodoro is boosting optimism of Lakas-Kampi for his victory in the 2010 presidential race, however.
"It's clear our candidate has a chance to win," Villarosa noted.
She also said people already began recognizing Teodoro's capability to lead the country so more of them are backing his presidential bid.
"We're happy about this development because he's qualified for the nation's highest post," she said.
Earlier, former Malacanang election lawyer Romulo Macalintal expressed optimism Teodoro can still register a come-from-behind electoral victory.

Macalintal's optimism stems from his belief that voters still maintain independence in choosing whom to elect despite presidential preference surveys showing Teodoro in the lower rank.
"I believe voters won't allow themselves to be dictated upon by surveys," Macalintal said.
He noted voters musn't totally rely on surveys as history shows these can prove erroneous.
Presidents Fidel Ramos of the Philippines and Harry Truman of the United States were dark horses and didn't top surveys during their time but both emerged as poll winners, he recalled.
"We can't say who'll win until the elections are over," Macalintal said. (PNA)

On Monday even though I will not be able to vote, I will still be vigilant, I will watch over the votes and make sure that no sign of cheating will be seen.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

‘Youth is Gibo’s strength’ (1:44 p.m.)

‘Youth is Gibo’s strength’ (1:44 p.m.)

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More and More are going for GIBO.

Quiboloy nod just ‘icing’ on Gibo’s cake?

Wednesday, 05 May 2010 21:26
GILBERT Teodoro’s party, Lakas-Kampi-CMD, said on Tuesday the endorsement by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, who heads the six-million-strong Davao-based Kingdom of Jesus Christ congregation, will be the “icing on the victory cake.”
Though trailing in surveys, Teodoro, the party noted, also took 39 percent of the 22,000 votes cast by members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) from April 28 to 30. This, according to the exit polls conducted by the Campaigns and Images firm during the absentee voting.
Lakas-Kampi-CMD president Francis Manglapus said these developments indicate a bandwagon for Teodoro, who has already sewed up support from One Cebu, which pledged to deliver a million votes. He added the endorsement by Quiboloy is but one of many indications of a “snowballing of support” for Teodoro, who has only been credited with 9 percent of the vote by the Social Weather Stations Inc. (SWS) and Pulse Asia.
Another group in the National Capital Region (NCR), Palit Galing under Suzette Salazar, said it has already mobilized 250,000 volunteers to secure 2.5 million votes for the candidate in the metropolis.
Lakas-Kampi-CMD said it expects 1,200 municipal mayors nationwide to deliver 10,000 votes each for a total of 12 million votes.
Gibo is supported by the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines , the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) and about 50 governors belonging to the League of Provinces of the Philippines.
One Cebu has not been affected by the surveys and it said it would campaign hard for Teodoro.
As far as Palit Galing movement is concerned, it said more and more young voters, including young professionals, are going over to Gibo owing to the negative campaigning being waged by the camps of Sen. Noynoy Aquino and Sen. Manny Villar.

Quiboloy’s endorsement is not just the icing, it’s a part of the base, I mean it’s a very big thing in the victory of Gibo. Everyday more and more Filipinos are backing for Gibo, and this is because they believe that he is the best qualified candidate for the position. Just yesterday I browsed over He’s page in facebook and I was overwhelmed to found that most of Gibo’s supporters are of my age, they are young and good thing they are tired of the traditional politics. Hmm should I say that let us not repeat the mistakes of our elders during the past elections. LOL.

Iglesia ni Kristo Endorsement for NOYMAR tandem is not a promise of BLOCK VOTE

INC endorses Noynoy-Mar tandem
By Dennis Carcamo (philstar.com) Updated May 05, 2010 08:12 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- The influential religious congregation Iglesia Ni Cristo has announced early this morning that it is endorsing the presidential bid of Liberal Party standard bearer Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III and his runningmate Sen. Mar Roxas.
A statement released by INC head Eduardo Manalo said they would be supporting the Aquino-Roxas tandem in the May 10 national and local elections.The announcement was made before the INC members during the religious services around 5:45 a.m. today.
The religious group, whose global membership runs up to millions, also came out with a list of senatorial candidates it would be endorsing among its members.
Included in the list are Rozzano "Ruffy" Biazon, Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr., Pilar Juliana Cayetano, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Franklin Drilon, Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, Ralph Recto, Vicente "Tito" Sotto III, Manuel "Lito" Lapid, Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., and TG Guingona.
Historically, the INC has been known to deliver substantial number of votes to candidates which the church leadership has endorsed. In the past, INC supported the candidacies of Presidents Ferdinand Marcos, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo. 
 My Opinion
This election everything will be different, I must say that INC will not be that effective in endorsing Noynoy, it will not be a block vote from their group; history will repeat it for the 2nd Cojuanco. If you can still remember Danding Conjuanco was also endorsed by the group when it ran for the presidency but Ramos won instead. Compared to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s group, Iglesia ni Cristo does not promise the so called block vote which the Noynoy-Mar tandem is expecting.
I have my friends online, they belong to INC but they are still going for GIBO. Well I cannot blame them for choosing him. Just one more thing, I am very thankful for I am Catholic, our church leaders gives us the freedom of choosing our own candidates, they aren’t dictating us.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Gibo for Pastor Quiboloy

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Evangelist Pastor Apollo Quiboloy of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name congregation last night endorsed Lakas-Kampi-CMD standard-bearer Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro for president in the May 10 elections. Quiboloy also endorsed Liberal Party’s Sen. Manuel Roxas II for vice president.The pastor repeatedly said in earlier interviews that the presidential candidate he would choose would be the “Father God’s choice” as it would not only be his own choice but that of his entire congregation which has more than six million voters.

In reaching his decision, Quiboloy reportedly secluded himself in intense prayer at his Prayer Mountain in Barangay Tamayong this city for the past three days, before coming down for his church’s global worship services last night attended by more than 50,000 followers.
The pastor had deferred to last night the announcement of his chosen presidential bet which supposedly was to take place last April 25 when he celebrated his 60th birthday. Teodoro, as Quiboloy’s chosen presidential bet, was already clear as early as April 25 when the pastor hinted that his personal choice is somebody who is “magaling at matalino” which jibes with Teodoro’s “Galing at Talino” campaign slogan.
Teodoro was among the presidential candidates who attended Quiboloy’s Disney-themed birthday celebration aside from Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino’s Joseph Estrada; Nacionalista Party’s Manuel Villar; Senators Richard Gordon and Jamby Madrigal, fellow evangelist Eddie Villanueva, and environmentalist Nicanor Perlas.
Liberal Party presidential candidate Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III did not attend Quiboloy’s birthday party and also snubbed the pastor’s Sukatan 2010 presidential forum held here last March 9.
In a phone interview shortly after he arrived on a Learjet at the old Davao International Airport, Teodoro told The STAR he did not know exactly what to expect except that there would be some “revelation” during last night’s Global Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation of Quiboloy’s congregation held at the open field of the ACQ compound.
“There would be some kind of a ‘revelation’ during the prayer service, I was told. But I am really thankful to the good pastor from whom I also seek spiritual guidance,” Teodoro said, adding that he was indeed invited to the congregation’s worship services last night.
Quiboloy’s announcement last night was also viewed worldwide over satellite television as the congregation also owns the Sonshine Media Network Services with channels in different continents in the world.
Teodoro was said to be among the first presidential candidates who paid Quiboloy a visit on separate occasions since the official campaign period last Feb. 9.
Quiboloy earlier told newsmen that Teodoro was the only presidential candidate who really spent time with him, the whole day of Feb. 10.
Teodoro first visited Quiboloy at the ACQ compound near the Davao International Airport in the morning. They had lunch at the prayer mountain in Tamayong and ended the day with dinner back at the airport compound.

Gibo downplays survey results
Teodoro, meantime, also stressed yesterday said he does not only answer to the 2,000 faceless individuals who were asked in surveys, but most importantly, to the millions of Filipinos across the country.
Speaking before an estimated 6,000 people at the Siquijor capitol, Teodoro said in Filipino, “There are those who are saying that there’s no need to talk to the people because they’ve already won. They ask 2,000 people and that’s it, they serve only 2,000 people.”
“I will no longer just ask the 2,000. I will face all of you personally, 90 million Filipinos, I answer to you. I’ll go straight to you,” he said during the rally a week before the May 10 elections.
“We will all stand and we will not agree not to be heard, no matter how poor a person is, because his vote is sacred, and nobody can say that that vote is taken for granted,” he said.
Locals lined the streets, cheering and waving green flags, and trooped to the capitol square to show their support for the ruling party bet.
Teodoro’s spokesman, lawyer Michael Toledo, said the administration standard-bearer went straight to the issues at hand, “disdaining mudslinging which has been the campaign trend of late among certain candidates in this year’s balloting.”
For the picturesque island of Siquijor, Teodoro focused on the need to boost its ecotourism potential.
“Three hundred tourists arrive here every day, so that’s almost 90,000 tourists a year. That’s a good sign,” he said.
Siquijor Vice Gov. Andre Cortes said people in his province support Teodoro because he does not resort to mudslinging and instead sticks to his platform.
Cortes said Siquijor’s six municipalities and all 134 barangays will go for Teodoro.
“We expect a landslide for Gibo (Teodoro’s nickname) here. We have done our own verification on the ground, and more than 80 percent of votes will go to Gibo,” Gov. Shane Fua said.
Teodoro also campaigned in Dumaguete City on Saturday where local leaders likewise vowed to give him victory in the elections. - With Paolo Romero