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Sunday, June 13, 2010

U-kiss Pinoy Fans: Now it’s GMA network’s mistake

Let’s admit it U-Kiss is famous among Pinoy Kpop boy band lovers though I’m not a big fan of the group. As far as I can remember they’ve first visited the country way back march this year. During their first time they’ve visited Party Pilipinas. Their first visit was controversial, a controversy sparked by DJ Mo twister for branding the group as gays or lesbians.  They came back for their concert yesterday and it seems that they are not just lucky in letting “7” anchor their promotion in the country. They appeared in Showbiz Central same network and another big mistake was committed and now it’s the network. The staffs mistakenly showed picture of Super Junior’s Kibum instead of showing U-kiss’ own Kibum.  Their pinoy fans enraged with so much anger that they want a sincere public apology from the network.
Here’s the controversial video

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