I am not a writer, i am just an average guy with an average knowledge enough to come up with words, combine those words to have some phrases and scribble them to create sentences. I am an old book with faded writings, i may not look appealing anymore but still welcomes those who are willing to learn from my rich past.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Be Rewarded By Your Comments

Just this day, upon visiting one of my favorite blog sites, I was really surprise upon seeing a new post, a post sparked by a single comment, a comment coming from me. The feeling is quite rewarding for a web marketing specialist like me considering the fact that the owner of the blog appreciated you as his visitor. I must admit that at first the reason for visiting the blog was just pure SEO, that was then, the blog posts are great that I was able to appreciate them all. Now visiting the blog is a two way road; a source of back links for my websites and as a source of knowledge for me as a professional.
Here’s the post where he included my keyword in a no follow attribute though, but the bottom line there is that my comment was appreciated, thanks Charles. Oh by the way I forgot to mention that his blog sends dozens of links to my websites. 
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