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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SEX and Relationship

You know what’s best in eating as a group? You come to discuss of weird but funny things. This lunch I made a small joke about the thing called “pap smear” I was not expecting that my co-workers will take it seriously; the word became a point of discussion among us. The arguments were interesting, each of us shared their own opinions about the topic and too bad for I wasn’t able to record the forum-like discussion.
We’ve tackled serious issues concerning birth control method, the judgment of the church with regards to family planning and a lot more. I thought that the group chat would end as we finish our lunch. I was lost (not totally) to find another topic in front of us and this time it’s all about two things; SEX and RELATIONSHIP.
I asked my co-worker the exact number of boyfriends she had before and of course she refused to give the exact but here’s the shocking part, she revealed that she made a break-up with 2 because of 1 reason and what was the reason for the said break-ups?  These boys asked her to have sex with them and if ever she will not give in; they (the guys) will initiate the break-up, how desperate these creatures are.  Familiar with this line “ Sige pag hindi ka nakipag-talik saakin break na tayo” ? That’s what I’m talking about.
Why is it that some guys’ think that SEX is always included in the package of relationship? Is that what they call love? I guess not because if you really love a person, you will respect your partner’s decision and set aside your personal interest. I mean who does not want to have sex with the person we love right?  Yeah right, sex is somewhat to be considered a pleasure because it really gives us pleasure but don’t ever forget that it is also a sacred thing, to be done at the right time, right place and with the right person.
Good thing my co-worker was not that lusty. If you are reading this post, I salute you for letting that bastard go. He’s not worthy of your love. To all who are also experiencing the same thing well use your head! Be intelligent in determining love from itch.

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