I am not a writer, i am just an average guy with an average knowledge enough to come up with words, combine those words to have some phrases and scribble them to create sentences. I am an old book with faded writings, i may not look appealing anymore but still welcomes those who are willing to learn from my rich past.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Back to the business of talking

After months of being rested at home, bored and idle i decided to look for a job while waiting for the month of june to come. A friend told me that a small scale contact center exist in the old district of the city. I had my resume submitted, interviewed, trained for 2 weeks and was hired. I’m still on the process of learning and i’m quite happy to be with my new colleagues for they are helping me out with the things that i need to know.

This is the second outbound account i’ve had in my customer service experience, this one is somewhat related to my first outbound account way back in my former company. The similarity is that both of the accounts has something to do with medicine. Before we were selling vigra, phentermine and other meds but this time its all about diabetic stuff but the difference is that this one is quite easy.

Im still on the learning curve process and hopefully get through my first month as an employee in a high note (more sales).  Oh by the way before i forgot, i go to work as early as 4:00 o’clock in the morning.