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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Should you be careful in expressing yourself in Social Media?

Feeling sad for the break-up then have some tweet, who knows, your followers might give you their best advices.  Mad at your Physics teacher? Why not have some post on your facebook. There’s no questioning, social media is fast becoming one of the best effective channels to express ourselves today. You can freely have your say without being kicked out of school after punching your Physics teacher.
I’m just done reading an article about a teenage office worker who was fired for moaning on facebook her “totally boring” job. I’m not kidding, you heard it right, an office worker kicked out of work because of facebook, it may sound silly but it’s true. I mean happening.
Now let us come to a realization and a decision at the same time; should we really be careful in expressing ourselves in social media? Well the answer depends on how you are ready to face the consequences of your decision. If you are brave enough then go for it. We cannot dictate other people on what to say and what not to say, it’s their own lives anyways and they are the ones who will suffer from its upshots.

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