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Saturday, June 12, 2010

College Diploma: Ticket to a better job?

On my way to work today I’ve seen some of my schoolmates in college, I’ve seen 3 of them to be exact, two of them are graduates of two year computer-related courses and the remaining is a graduate of a 4 year course. They are very lucky indeed for they were able to have their college diplomas but seeing them made me feel luckier, why?
I haven’t finished my college but was able to land a job related to my course. Ok I’ll set it straight; I’ve seen the two of them working in a small Chinese enterprise located at the central business district of the city and the other one, standing at the corner of a bakeshop selling cheap cellular sim cards for the price of 10 pesos, and most frustrating; this person that I am referring to is the one with bachelors degree.
See the case? They all have their diplomas but were they able to land a good job? I am not against them for at least they did find some work after graduation but the point there is “what’s the use of going to college if you will not be able to apply what you have learned”. I must say that Diploma is not an assurance for a better job, maybe it’s an advantage but it will never be as what it is dubbed to be.

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Anonymous midnightwriter said...

Sad fact many land mismatched jobs and miss out opportunities, but the problem is not the lack of opportunity but the the lack of earnestness in most of our graduates in looking for the right job for them.

At the recruitment department, I learned some of our graduates tend to be shy in pursuing a related career, feeling they didn't get the most of their schooling. And many still graduated from courses which the benefactor chose for them, so definitely they try to find another field of work.

For undergraduates, it's a hard fact to tell but how we got our jobs is oft out of our desire to finish studies given the opportunity, and thanks to people who don't hire based on educational attainment.

June 12, 2010 at 11:55 AM


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