I am not a writer, i am just an average guy with an average knowledge enough to come up with words, combine those words to have some phrases and scribble them to create sentences. I am an old book with faded writings, i may not look appealing anymore but still welcomes those who are willing to learn from my rich past.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Julien Drolon's Ipagpatawad Mo

Last saturday night i was able to watch "Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho" show at GMA network, (which i always do every saturday, heheh, hobby na) As usual the show once again featured unique stories, when i say unique as in never been featured in any local television network here in the Philippines.
 It was so overwhelming in my part as a Filipino to learn that there are a lot of foreigners who love our country so much that they even want to live here forever. The show featured a former french journalist who was so inlove with our country that he decided to leave his profession and pursue his singing career here, and mind you, his first recorded song was in Filipino, although some parts are sang in French. Julien Drolon is the name of the guy and here is his own version of "Ipagpatawad mo" hope you like it too like i did. In the video is Ms. Universe 2010 3rd runner up

Friday, February 11, 2011

Back to the business of talking

After months of being rested at home, bored and idle i decided to look for a job while waiting for the month of june to come. A friend told me that a small scale contact center exist in the old district of the city. I had my resume submitted, interviewed, trained for 2 weeks and was hired. I’m still on the process of learning and i’m quite happy to be with my new colleagues for they are helping me out with the things that i need to know.

This is the second outbound account i’ve had in my customer service experience, this one is somewhat related to my first outbound account way back in my former company. The similarity is that both of the accounts has something to do with medicine. Before we were selling vigra, phentermine and other meds but this time its all about diabetic stuff but the difference is that this one is quite easy.

Im still on the learning curve process and hopefully get through my first month as an employee in a high note (more sales).  Oh by the way before i forgot, i go to work as early as 4:00 o’clock in the morning. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Its Official, Charice is joining GLEE

No one can stop her this time; Charice is officially joining Glee’s next season.  She will play as a foreign exchange student to give Rachel (Lea Michelle) a good competition. The news first came out from her Philippine manager during an interview with Philippine Daily Inquirer and here’s the exact phrases; “Yes, it’s true, Charice will soon join Glee,”  and then was denied by Charice on her tweeter account  but now she’s going straight to the top rated “dramedy” show.  

“It’s official. I’m on Glee (next season) but story behind it. When d rumor came out, it wasn’t true. But then after that… I tried to audition. And i made it!!! Let’s Party!!!!”-

My congratulations to you Charice, you’re making us proud. You’re the first asian to break into the top 10 of the Billboard Album and just keep on making it at the top baby.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Should you be careful in expressing yourself in Social Media?

Feeling sad for the break-up then have some tweet, who knows, your followers might give you their best advices.  Mad at your Physics teacher? Why not have some post on your facebook. There’s no questioning, social media is fast becoming one of the best effective channels to express ourselves today. You can freely have your say without being kicked out of school after punching your Physics teacher.
I’m just done reading an article about a teenage office worker who was fired for moaning on facebook her “totally boring” job. I’m not kidding, you heard it right, an office worker kicked out of work because of facebook, it may sound silly but it’s true. I mean happening.
Now let us come to a realization and a decision at the same time; should we really be careful in expressing ourselves in social media? Well the answer depends on how you are ready to face the consequences of your decision. If you are brave enough then go for it. We cannot dictate other people on what to say and what not to say, it’s their own lives anyways and they are the ones who will suffer from its upshots.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SEX and Relationship

You know what’s best in eating as a group? You come to discuss of weird but funny things. This lunch I made a small joke about the thing called “pap smear” I was not expecting that my co-workers will take it seriously; the word became a point of discussion among us. The arguments were interesting, each of us shared their own opinions about the topic and too bad for I wasn’t able to record the forum-like discussion.
We’ve tackled serious issues concerning birth control method, the judgment of the church with regards to family planning and a lot more. I thought that the group chat would end as we finish our lunch. I was lost (not totally) to find another topic in front of us and this time it’s all about two things; SEX and RELATIONSHIP.
I asked my co-worker the exact number of boyfriends she had before and of course she refused to give the exact but here’s the shocking part, she revealed that she made a break-up with 2 because of 1 reason and what was the reason for the said break-ups?  These boys asked her to have sex with them and if ever she will not give in; they (the guys) will initiate the break-up, how desperate these creatures are.  Familiar with this line “ Sige pag hindi ka nakipag-talik saakin break na tayo” ? That’s what I’m talking about.
Why is it that some guys’ think that SEX is always included in the package of relationship? Is that what they call love? I guess not because if you really love a person, you will respect your partner’s decision and set aside your personal interest. I mean who does not want to have sex with the person we love right?  Yeah right, sex is somewhat to be considered a pleasure because it really gives us pleasure but don’t ever forget that it is also a sacred thing, to be done at the right time, right place and with the right person.
Good thing my co-worker was not that lusty. If you are reading this post, I salute you for letting that bastard go. He’s not worthy of your love. To all who are also experiencing the same thing well use your head! Be intelligent in determining love from itch.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

U-kiss Pinoy Fans: Now it’s GMA network’s mistake

Let’s admit it U-Kiss is famous among Pinoy Kpop boy band lovers though I’m not a big fan of the group. As far as I can remember they’ve first visited the country way back march this year. During their first time they’ve visited Party Pilipinas. Their first visit was controversial, a controversy sparked by DJ Mo twister for branding the group as gays or lesbians.  They came back for their concert yesterday and it seems that they are not just lucky in letting “7” anchor their promotion in the country. They appeared in Showbiz Central same network and another big mistake was committed and now it’s the network. The staffs mistakenly showed picture of Super Junior’s Kibum instead of showing U-kiss’ own Kibum.  Their pinoy fans enraged with so much anger that they want a sincere public apology from the network.
Here’s the controversial video

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

College Diploma: Ticket to a better job?

On my way to work today I’ve seen some of my schoolmates in college, I’ve seen 3 of them to be exact, two of them are graduates of two year computer-related courses and the remaining is a graduate of a 4 year course. They are very lucky indeed for they were able to have their college diplomas but seeing them made me feel luckier, why?
I haven’t finished my college but was able to land a job related to my course. Ok I’ll set it straight; I’ve seen the two of them working in a small Chinese enterprise located at the central business district of the city and the other one, standing at the corner of a bakeshop selling cheap cellular sim cards for the price of 10 pesos, and most frustrating; this person that I am referring to is the one with bachelors degree.
See the case? They all have their diplomas but were they able to land a good job? I am not against them for at least they did find some work after graduation but the point there is “what’s the use of going to college if you will not be able to apply what you have learned”. I must say that Diploma is not an assurance for a better job, maybe it’s an advantage but it will never be as what it is dubbed to be.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Be Rewarded By Your Comments

Just this day, upon visiting one of my favorite blog sites, I was really surprise upon seeing a new post, a post sparked by a single comment, a comment coming from me. The feeling is quite rewarding for a web marketing specialist like me considering the fact that the owner of the blog appreciated you as his visitor. I must admit that at first the reason for visiting the blog was just pure SEO, that was then, the blog posts are great that I was able to appreciate them all. Now visiting the blog is a two way road; a source of back links for my websites and as a source of knowledge for me as a professional.
Here’s the post where he included my keyword in a no follow attribute though, but the bottom line there is that my comment was appreciated, thanks Charles. Oh by the way I forgot to mention that his blog sends dozens of links to my websites. 
If you want to continue reading the post click here…

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Secretly In Love With Your Bestfriend?

Secretly in love with your best friend but afraid of telling him/her what you feel? This is becoming a normal scene between best friends today. It’s quite hard to keep a feeling like this but if the price of keeping it as a secret will keep your relation as best buddies, then why not right? Try to listen to this song by Wondergirls, entitled “friend”, I’ve found some English lyrics translations to help you understand the song lyrics well but even without this translation I swear that you can feel what the song means.  Enjoy!!!
English Lyrics Translation
All day I've been wanting to see your face
I can't seem to focus on any of my work
The smile on your face when you sometimes stare at me
Without even realizing I want to confess to you that I like you.

I like being just a friend to you
If it means that I'll be by your side
I don't want to forget you
Cuz you're my most important friend

You're my best friend
But you can't be my boy friend
/ girl friend
Whenever I look at you,
You always look back at me as just a friend

You're my everything
But I can't confess to you
You live inside my heart

Whenever I'm staring at you
As nothing more than just a friend
Without even realizing my heart starts to hurt

I'm afraid that my true feelings will show
So I try to hide it to myself
I'm slowly growing farther away from you

I like being just a friend to you
If it means that I'll be by your side
I don't want to forget you
Cuz you're my most important friend

You're my best friend
But you can't be my boy friend
/ girl friend
Whenever I look at you,
You always look back at me as just a friend

You're my everything
But I can't confess to you
You live inside my heart

From now on when I'm by your side
I'll see you only as a good friend
But I'll still cherish you
As much as I like you

You're my best friend
But you can't be my boy friend/ girl friend
Whenever I look at you,
You always look back at me as just a friend

You’re my everything
But I can't confess to you
You live inside my heart

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Seoul Song by Super Junior and Girls Generation

Just browsed the web and can't help but envy the beauty of Seoul in this music video by Super Junior and Girls Generation. How I wish to see any Philippine cities achieving the same vibrancy as Seoul. I hope that the Filipinos have made the right decision this time, let us see if the upcoming government can do something to place our country back in the map, It’s just a dream for now but I’m hoping that this dream will come to reality. God bless Philippines!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Korean Boy Band War: Who’s Your Bet?

The Korean pop culture is making a big wave internationally, and the Philippines is just one of the countries invaded. The craze actually started with Korean Dramas and followed by girl groups and now the boy bands. Their culture is undoubtedly being absorbed mostly by teenagers. Though it’s quite frustrating to know that we are a little by little being swallowed by them, I cannot blame my own fellows for theirs is quite better than what we offer.
Too much for frustrations, let me go with my business. Today my post is about Korean Boy Band, yes you heard it right, too much for that bread. LOL . There are a lot of Boy bands in Korea and I am sure that you guys know some of them or should I say that you know all of them?
Here’s the list in no particular order
1.      Super Junior

2.      Ss501

3.      Bigbang 

4.      Ft Island

5.      Dong Bang Shin Ki

6.      U-Kiss

7.      Shinee

8.      CN Blue

9.      2pm

10.  Shinhwa

11.  MBLAQ

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Kun Bikolano Ka Mag Bikol Ka

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

27 party-list groups proclaimed

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) proclaimed on Monday 27 party-list groups, whose nominees will occupy 35 of 57 seats available for marginalized sectors in the House of Representatives.

The 27 party-list groups and their respective number of seats are: Coalition of Association of Senior Citizens in the Philippines – 1,292,182 votes (2 seats); Akbayan Citizen's Action Party – 1,058,691 votes (2 seats); Gabriela Women's Party – 1,001,421 votes (2 seats); Cooperative Natcco Network Party – 943,529 votes (2 seats); ABONO – 766,615 votes (2 seats); Bayan Muna – 746,019 votes (2 seats); An Waray – 711,631 votes (2 seats); Agricultural Sector Alliance of the Philippines, Inc. (AGAP) – 515,501 votes (1 seat); Alliance for Barangay Concerns Party (ABC) – 469,093 votes (1 seat); Anakpawis – 445,628 votes (1 seat); Kabataan Party-list – 417,923 votes (1 seat); Abante Mindanao, Inc. (ABANAMIN) – 376,011 votes (1 seat); Act Teachers – 369,564 votes (1 seat); You Against Corruption and Poverty (YACAP) – 335,635 votes (1 seat); Ang Kasangga sa Kaunlaran, Inc. (Ang Kasangga) – 296,368 votes (1 seat); Bagong Henerasyon (BH) – 292,875 votes (1 seat); Agbiag! Timpuyog Ilocano, Inc. (AGBIAG) – 262,298 votes (1 seat); Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta (PBA) – 238,675 votes (1 seat); Arts Business and Science Professionals – 257,301 votes (1 seat); Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) – 244,623 votes (1 seat); Alyansa ng mga Grupong Haligi ng Agham at Teknolohiya Para sa Mamayan, Inc. (AGHAM) – 241,898 votes (1 seat), Democratic Independent Workers Association (DIWA) – 238,675 (1 seat); Kapatiran ng mga Nakulong na Walang Sala – 234,717 votes (1 seat); Kalinga Advocacy for Social Empowerment and Nation Building Through Easing Poverty, Inc. (Kalinga) – 229,198 votes (1 seat); Alagad Party-list – 227,116 votes (1 seat); 1 Ang Pamilya – 217,032 votes (1 seat); and the Alliance of Volunteer Educators – 214,760 (1 seat).

The Comelec, however, decided to defer the proclamation of 12 organizations because of pending disqualification cases against them. 

These groups are Ako Bicol Political Party; Ang Galing Pinoy; Buhay Hayaan Yumabong Party-list; 1st Consumers Alliance for Rural Energy (1-CARE); Citizens' Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC); LPG Marketers Association, Inc. (LPGMA); Ang Asosayon Sang Manguguma Nga Bisaya-Ow Mangunguma, Inc. (MBIS-OWA); Association of Philippine Electric Cooperatives (APEC); Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD); 1-UTAK; Advocacy for Teacher Empowerment Through Action Cooperation and Harmony Towards Educational Reforms (A Teacher); and Butil Farmer Party (BUTIL).
A total of 187 party-list groups ran in the 2010 elections.

Meanwhile, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) said proclaimed party-list groups may still be disqualified if proven to have overspent in the May 10 polls.

Comelec Chairman Jose Melo said that party-list groups found to have overspent risk the possibility of being stopped from assuming their posts even if they won in the recently concluded elections.
Comelec Resolution 8944 said that candidates, aside from the president and vice president, can only spend P3 for every registered voter.

Republic Act 7166 also states that campaign overspending constitutes an election offense which carries a penalty of one to six years imprisonment and removal of right of suffrage or the rights to vote and be voted.

Earlier, the group Pera’t Pulitika (PAP) reported the “exorbitant” spending of party-list groups saying it runs counter to their claim of representing marginalized sectors.

The decision of the Comelec is quite unfair for party-lists who have won congressional seats. Complaints must not be entertained after the elections. I’ve read a similar article today; another party-list filed a complaint against AKB Political Party for they said that AKB doesn’t represent any marginalized group. AKB top notched the party-lists elections with an overwhelming 1.5 million of votes. Based on my analysis the leftists groups who filed the said complaints were swamped by the results they weren’t expecting that such political party novice will win, win big I mean. If they have their objections they must have filed it before the elections and not after. If they will appeal for the group’s disqualification they must be ready to face the millions of voters who have voted AKB.  

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Just Because of Bread

Give me some rest in making post related to American Idol, Kpop culture and Philippine politics. I want to be more personal this time. I want to be a story teller hmmm; wait let me add up another word on that, I mean I want to be an effective story teller. Anytime you’re ready just do some little scroll down this page.
Have you experienced to be “defriended” in facebook or be “unfollowed” in twitter? If so what do you think was the reason? Have you done something objectionable? I haven’t suffered from any of those listed above. I was just hated by someone who was very close to me before and the reason was just a damn bread.
One morning, I was sitting on my unit when my co-worker sent some chat via gmail, and if I am not mistaken these were the exact words from her,
Co-worker: hi jeffy goodmorning, nakuha mo ung bread?
Me: Yes “co-worker” thanks
Then suddenly this “someone who was very close to me before” came close to where I am sitting. Then said  “Uy banga kita kaiyan na duwa ha”
I was on the right mood to make some jokes that time and here’s my line
Me: “habo ko daw sakuya man lang ini tigwalat ni co-worker, dai man baga ki nakalaag na pangaran mo dian oh, pangaran ko man lang baga”
Someone who was very close to me before: “Oh cge di dai!!!”
As I was saying the things I have said was just jokes and nothing but pure jokes.
Way back when both of us were still ok, I always share my food with him. I mean I am not selfish when it comes to food. “ Sa tingin nyo kung katakawan yun, binigyan ko kaya sya nang mga pagkain na meron ako noon?” “Wala akong pagkain na hindi ko i-shinare sa kanya”.
Lesson learned: Wag Ipagkait ang Tinapay
The lesson may sound funny but it’s really happening and I’m a living proof to that.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fall in Love with DIDI in her Hey Jude Performance

Hey Jude-Didi Benami
I just can’t help but to love this song. This was perfomed by Didi Benami during her Audition in Los Angeles. I must say that her version is better than that of American Idol winner Lee Dewyze, honestly. You can feel the sadness in her heart upon losing her best friend. Though she wasn’t able to reach the finals I still idolize and salute this brunette. I love you Didi. 

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