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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Korean Boy Band War: Who’s Your Bet?

The Korean pop culture is making a big wave internationally, and the Philippines is just one of the countries invaded. The craze actually started with Korean Dramas and followed by girl groups and now the boy bands. Their culture is undoubtedly being absorbed mostly by teenagers. Though it’s quite frustrating to know that we are a little by little being swallowed by them, I cannot blame my own fellows for theirs is quite better than what we offer.
Too much for frustrations, let me go with my business. Today my post is about Korean Boy Band, yes you heard it right, too much for that bread. LOL . There are a lot of Boy bands in Korea and I am sure that you guys know some of them or should I say that you know all of them?
Here’s the list in no particular order
1.      Super Junior

2.      Ss501

3.      Bigbang 

4.      Ft Island

5.      Dong Bang Shin Ki

6.      U-Kiss

7.      Shinee

8.      CN Blue

9.      2pm

10.  Shinhwa

11.  MBLAQ

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